The Top 20 PR Terms Businesses Should Know

Top 20 PR Words Orgs

By: Grace Decicco, 1903 Public Relations Businesses outside the communications and media space may be unfamiliar with the common jargon thrown around by PR professionals. Whether you are hiring someone to manage these necessary operational functions or outsourcing that work to an external agency, a foundational understanding of the lingo can help. Here’s a quick…

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How Public Relations Can Advance Climate Tech Adoption

Green Technology Driving Climate Impact

By: Grace Decicco, 1903 Public Relations The impact of climate change has been felt globally. This year has seen historic temperatures, and natural disasters related to climate change heavily impact the lives of millions around the world. Also in recent years, great strides have been made toward the development of climate technology designed to provide…

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How Speaking Engagements can Drive Business Outcomes 

Securing Speaking Opportunities.

By: Grace Decicco, 1903 Public Relations Speaking engagements at industry events play a pivotal role for companies seeking to elevate their brand, reach target audiences, and connect with potential partners/buyers. Developing an event strategy that has your team playing an active role can elevate your company above a mere attendee, sponsor, or exhibitor to the…

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Business Best Practices For Increased Media Coverage

A magazine along with a tablet kept on it

By: Grace Decicco, 1903 Public Relations Journalism, like all industries, has been transformed by the digital revolution. In the past few years social media, Web 3.0, 24/7 online news cycles have impacted both media professionals and the companies who work with them alike. Recognizing the challenges today’s journalists face can help your business effectively adapt…

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A Startups Guide to Public Relations 

Back side image of a man watching at the wall

By: Grace Decicco, 1903 Public Relations Congratulations! You just embarked on a new business venture, now what? Every new business comes with the expected, but endless responsibilities. With tasks like building your client roster, hiring on team members and getting your business in order, introducing Public Relations (PR) may not be at the top of…

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