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Local Media Relations AND Public Relations

Why Securing Local Media Coverage is STILL Essential for a Brand’s Strategy

By: Jackie Flaten, 1903 PR In planning and developing a media strategy, going after the ...
Securing National Media

The 3 Most Important Elements of Successful National Media Relations

By: Cara Sutherlan, 1903 Public Relations Everyone wants to be the front page story on ...
Analyst Relations. Business Communications

Why Your PR Agency Should Manage Analyst Relations

By: Cara Sutherlan, 1903 Public Relations If you’re looking to propel brand awareness and sales ...
National Media Relations

You’re in the News! Now The Real Work Begins – Getting the most out of your coverage

By Jackie Flaten, 1903 PR It’s always a thrill to see your business’s name in ...
Investor Relations

Key Strategies for Effective Investor Communications 

By: 1903 Public Relations In the U.S. there are over 50,000 venture-backed companies who all ...
Press Release

Understanding the ‘Wire’ and How it Can Impact your Media Strategy  

By: 1903 Public Relations The term “put it on the wire” became recognizable amongst viewers ...


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