The agriculture industry is a multi-trillion-dollar space that includes production of milk, honey, meat, wool, egg, hide, live animals, grain farming, oilseed farming, fruit, nut farming, vegetable farming, general crop farming, greenhouse, nursery, and flowers, and other agriculture products. The agriculture industry is the backbone of the world's economy, and has existed as long as people.  

Agricultural traditions and modes of production have deep roots but are changing to meet the new realities of shifting weather patterns and water restrictions. As an industry that is historically based on hyper-personal relationships, it can be challenging for innovations to break through with farmers. 1903 Public Relations was founded in the food capital of the world and has a unique understanding of how to bridge the gap between the past, present and future of farming. 

The agency’s expertise understands the industry's complex issues, unique demands, and the critical role of technology to deliver customized strategies that position partners to break through the noise and reach key decision makers that impact the bottomline. Our approach fuses cutting-edge technology and agriculture has helped revolutionize the way the industry cultivates, harvests, and feeds the world. 

1903 PR develops and executes value-adding-campaigns that resonate with key stakeholders driving meaningful engagements, while developing and nurturing new and existing relationships. In a constantly-evolving industry that has been struck by unpredictable seasons that impact yields, an agency with a team of experts who can speak to farmers and deliver communications that drive action is critical. 

As California natives, we understand that the agriculture industry is what drives the state's economy and sustains our way of life. Our expertise in technology and ag enables us to bring light to the innovations that are shaping the future of the agriculture industry. 

We at 1903 PR, use our strategic communications to ensure that groundbreaking solutions emerge to reach those who help drive and embrace the evolution of the industry. Connect with us today to see how we can work together to help make a difference!